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Food at The Wainwright

Here at The Wainwright, head chef Joe and his team strive to put their own spin on traditional pub grub.

All of our beef and lamb is sourced from Cumbrian Farms. Likewise, our fish is from a local supplier. We try to use local produce were we can and, for instance, our coffee is blended and roasted locally.

Our dishes are prepared fresh, to order and our kitchen is small, so you should understand that, when you eat with us, you should expect to wait longer than you would in pubs were the microwave is king. As the sign on our wall says "We don't do fast food, we do good food as fast as we can.". For the same reasons, we cannot seat groups larger than six unless it is understood that meals may not be served to all diners simultaneously.

Check out this independent review from 'The Minister Of Food And Drink'.


We are a small pub with a limited number of tables. We offered some tables for advanced booking for food but, unfortunately, a small but significant number of customers booked in advance but did not take up the booking without informing us. This led to tables standing empty for prolonged periods while genuine customers were turned away.

We have therefore, regretfully, decided to end the practice of booking tables in advance. We hope this will not cause too much inconvenience to the many customers who treated the booking system properly.

Meal Times

Meals are served between Noon and 3 p.m, opening again from 5 to 9 p.m.